Are you looking for a medium light spinning reel perfect for bass, walleye or most any other species you’d normally fish with 8 or 10 pound line? Do you want the reel to last forever, and man-up when a fish you would normally fish for with 17 or 20 pound line mistakenly bites your bass or walleye lure? Do you want one that handles like a reel twice the price and is comfortable to fish all day with braid, mono or fluorocarbon line.
That’s exactly what I was handed one of the days I spent fishing the lower Niagara River earlier this year. Using the medium sized Revo X, we were targeting smallmouth, but the smelt run was on and lake trout were on the prowl in the river at the same time.

When my rod slammed down with noticeably more force than the smallies normally made, the importance of a reel capable of manning-up became paramount. The matching Abu Veritas rod added little to the fight once the rod bent double. It was 90% reel, 5% rod and 5% just hanging on long enough to winch those middle teen trout close enough to swoop a net under them in the tricky currents of the big river.

If you fish a place where something far larger than your target species could occasionally end up on your line – perhaps a sturgeon in the Rainy River, a musky in Sturgeon Bay, a 20 pound sheephead in Lake Erie and you need a reel perfectly suited to the species you are after and reserve toughness to handle any unexpected job, the Revo X (available in three sizes) will be up to the task.

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