I’m envious when I get on a Great Lake fishing boat with plenty of storage space. My boat doesn’t have it. Once I get past the mandatory items such as PFDs, emergency gear and standard tools, I have to be choosy about what lures and other tackle I tote along for each trip.

I’ve tried bringing huge tackle boxes, I’ve tried bunches of smaller boxes and used other schemes to make sure I have the things I need each day without overly cluttering up the boat or overtaxing the storage compartments I do have. Nothing has come close to being a perfect system so much as putting my lures, terminal tackle and other items in Plano 3700 Series Stowaway containers.

I have one box with coho baits, another with spoons, another with deep divers for when I’m trolling at Lake Erie. There are other with stick-baits, J-Plugs, trolling flies, saltwater jigs; one with hot orange spoons and plugs used when the steelhead are stacked just offshore and…. Just say, I’ve got a lot of them – even one loaded with bobbers and small hooks I grab when I need to take a youngster to a nearby farm pond.

So now all I need is pick the appropriate boxes of lures or supplies I’ll need on any particular day and take just them, not the whole collection. I have what I need, the rest wait at home for next time.

Instead of organizing and sorting through entire boxes of gear, all I need to do is contain the few Stowaway boxes I choose for the particular day. That’s easy? The Plano Guide Series Tackle Bag (3700) is the mack-daddy of these Stowaway box totes.

I can slide five of the standard thickness 3700 Stowaways inside the bag. Need one more? A sixth one nestles perfectly onto the plastic top lid and there’s a stretchy cord you can pull across it to hold it in place.

The outside of the bag has a both open and zipper-close pouches for tools, cameras, glasses, Kleenex (when my wife it along) and other necessary items, either packed loose or in smaller Stowaway boxes. With the adjustable shoulder strap, it’s the perfect grab and go container for a day or week on the water. The canvas and leather bag is widely available in retail stores.

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