Reviewed by Capt. Mike Schoonveld

            I’m not shaped correctly to wear a pair of fishing pants without strapping on a belt to keep the waist snug around my midsection. If I’m beltless anything could happen in the middle of a fight with a big salmon. Okay, only one thing could happen, but it wouldn’t be pretty.

So I wear a belt – a simple clothing accessory good for only one purpose. Or is it?

A length of nylon rope could do the same job, but if for nothing but gaining style points, few people go the rope belt route. A rope just doesn’t look good and if looking good is one of the ancillary reasons to have a belt, you may just want to check out the fishing oriented belts from Cheeky Fishing.

With dozens of “fishy” patterns from which to choose, patterns to look like various trout, tarpon scales, redfish spots and others, the Cheeky Wingo belts are long on style points. If, like me, you need a belt to hold up your fishing trousers, it might as well be a “fishing belt.”

When designing these belts, the Cheeky guys kept three things in mind. It has to look good and perform well. The one I’ve been using all summer fills both of those bills.

The other thing they considered was at sometime during the course of the fishing day, there could be a bottle in the fisherman’s hand in need of having its cap removed. Proving a fishing belt can be a multi-tasker, pop open the belt buckle and it becomes a handy bottle opener!   Check them out at www.

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