popticalsReviewed by CAPT. MIKE SCHOONVELD

It would be hard to argue there’s any item more important for comfortable day on the water for Great Lakes anglers than a good pair of sunglasses. Sunny skies and glare off the water on a bright day can be almost blinding. It hurts and can cause headaches.

Sun and glare can also be dangerous as UVA and UVB rays from the sun can cause immediate “sunburned” retinas as well as long-term eye damage. A good pair of shades shields the wearer’s eyes from almost all harmful UV rays.

There’s more. For those who like being stylish, sunglasses can be a fashion statement. For situations where seeing down into the water is important, polarized lenses make a world of difference. For anyone who has had a lure or sinker spring out of a fish’s mouth and face-smack them faster than he or she could duck knows they provide eye protection from unexpected accidents. Sunglass buyers can choose from dozens of brands and models that check every one of these boxes. So why choose Popticals?

Popticals fold down into a carrying case as small as a bar of soap. That may not be an issue for a pair of “boat shades” that will either be in a glove compartment or on the boater’s face, but for people who keep their fishing glasses in their tackle box or tote them along in their pocket or day-pack, having a good set of sunglasses which will fold down into a carrying case half or a third the size of non-foldable shades can make a big difference.

If that’s you, check out the available styles at: http://www.popticals.com. They are available for purchase on-line and at many retail outlets.

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