When I was in school, if I saw someone walking with their gear in a backpack, I’d have guessed the person was in the scouts or perhaps was somehow associated with the military, probably marching home from the Dinosaur Wars. Of course, back then no one had been inventive enough to put wheels on suitcases.

These days, backpacks are the luggage of choice for many people, even replacing briefcases for corporate types. My kids certainly wore them to school everyday – from grade school on. There are probably more people stuffing backpacks into overhead bins on planes, these days than little suitcases with or without wheels.

In a feeble attempt to stay on the cutting edge, on the last flight I made, I left my wheel-less and wheeled carry-on luggage at home and strapped on a Plano E-Series Tackle Pack. It won’t be the last plane trip it makes.

This isn’t a travel magazine, however, it’s a fishing publication. E-Series Backpacks are made for fishermen and women. Though I pressed it into service as a luggage carry-on last winter for a Texas fishing trip; once there, it served as my day-pack when inshore fishing for redfish or offshore fishing for kingfish and red snappers.

It proved to be perfect for both flying and fishing. The pack has multiple compartments with sturdy zippers to organize and store important travel items. My flight info, car reservation documents, ID papers and others were all tucked safely where I could easily access them as needed. My laptop went in a large compartment, my cell phone in a small zipper-safe pocket. There’s space for snacks and mesh pockets on the outside for water or soda containers.

More important, these pockets and compartments did double duty when I was on the water, conveniently storing sunglasses, sunscreen, clippers and other essentials. There’s a handy shelf-like divider inside the main compartment which swings up and velcros in place. Above the shelf is room for a light jacket or other item. Below, up to five Plano 3600 Stowaway Boxes (included) will fit perfectly to organize lures, tackle and other gear. The E-Series is available at many brick or online retailers or at

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