No one knows for sure what’s going through the mind of a salmon when it sees a fly, hootchy or other lure trailing along through the water behind a dodger or flasher. My guess is they see the flash and color of the attractor and think it’s the flash reflecting off the flank of another fish as it is feeding. If there’s food for one, maybe there’s food for two. Then the fish spots the lure behind the flash and nabs it, thinking it’s the baitfish the other fish missed or another baitfish in the school.

I’m probably over-thinking the ability of a salmon or trout to think, but if there’s a modicum of truth in my theory, I guess there was a modicum of reason when Dreamweaver decided to make their version of the plastic flasher (the Spin Doctor) into a cartoonish-looking fish shape. Cartoon or not, the Spin Doctor was a winner and soon other lure makers doctored up their own versions of the plastic rotating flasher.

Among those are the Revelators from Church Tackle. I had the chance to try out a few Revelators earlier this summer. (Actually, I’m still “trying” them as they’ve remained a solid choice the rest of the summer. )

The Revelators come in two lengths – 5 3/4 and 8-inchers. As with most flashers there’s a choice of plastic color for the blade – red, white, blue, chartreuse, black, chrome, gold, purple, copper and green. Of course each color of blade can be ordered with a dizzying number of reflective tape choices applied to each side. You’ll have to go to their website, to see all the combinations.

I had no doubt the 8-inchers would match up well with other brands of flashers when I used them to pull full-sized flies for summer salmon and the occasional suspended laker. I was right. They performed flawlessly and many days I put one out at the beginning of the trip and it did it’s thing right on to quitting time. My best were chartreuse blades with silver tape patterns. Go with what works in your area.

When it came to testing the 5 3/4-nchers, I was a skeptic. Tens of thousands of cohos are caught using 6-inch metal dodgers trailing mini-sized flies every summer in southern Lake Michigan. Most of these are caught on the fluorescent red/orange models so I got the red shorty Reveleators with orange tape. At least I had the right color.

The 5 3/4-inch Revelators produced right along side my regular dodgers and flies each time I tied one on. I usually ran it behind a Dipsey Diver. The fun thing about lure testing comes when “further testing is needed.” The only thing more fun than testing lures is reeling in the fish they catch.

If anything, the Revelators shape is closer to the shape of a real fish than the other fishy-looking flashers available. If you think that makes a difference, you may or may not be over-thinking what’s going through the fish’s head when it strikes.

Available a many retailers and online sources or buy direct at:

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