Seaquest has been a popular brand of spoons mostly found on boats in southern Lake Michigan for more than a decade. Richard Holm makes each one individually and sells them online ( and at winter sports expos in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. A few area tackle shops stock them, as well.

He’s always had a few models of standard and magnum-sized spoons with either glow-in the dark paint or scallop tape highlights. Now he has produced a line with extended glow body tape, adorned with either ladder backs or scallop diagonal highlights.

I like them because they catch fish and since Holm is a fisherman and no stranger to big fish, I know the hooks and rings are made of the finest quality. I keep telling him he needs to call them XTs for extra tough!

The new extended glow models were solid producers for me in the summer, offshore deepwater fishing where I usually fish, as well as near shore when fishing in the dark or dawn’s early light for staging kings. Check the Seaquest website for all the colors and patterns available.

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