I reviewed the Trollbuddy Electronic Trolling Plate installed on an Angler Qwest Pontoon Boat in the last issue of GLA. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t return to an item so quickly but a couple of things came up sufficiently noteworthy to warrant a follow up in this issue.

First, I got the exact name wrong (my bad) in the previous issue. It’s “Trollbuddy” not “Trolling Buddy.” Additionally, there’s now an easier URL to use to get info about or buy a Trollbuddy Plate: You can still type in http://www.lectrotab/trollbuddy as printed in the last GLA issue in your browser’s address bar to get to their site. Both URLs will land you on the same website.

Now the news! At the ICAST show Trollbuddy unveiled a new option available for those considering installing a Trollbuddy on their boat. The original Trollbuddy requires drilling mounting holes on the fins of an outboard’s or outdrive’s lower unit. The holes didn’t weaken anything, but some users are uncomfortable about drilling holes – either the process of drilling them or because of concern the presence of the holes would diminish the resale value of the boat or motor sometime in the future.

Now, there’s a “clamp on” bracket which securely attaches the Trollbuddy to the lower unit. No holes to drill.

I also had the chance to talk with Brad Dupuie about how the Trollbuddy is doing on his Angler Qwest. When we tested it for the last issue, the Trollbuddy was brand new on his boat and new to both of us. Now, Dupuie has had several month of using it on his ‘toon mostly used for walleye trolling on Saginaw Bay.

“It’s great!” Dupuie said. “I use it every trip and regardless of conditions, I can pin down my trolling speed within a couple of tenths of a mph. It’s proved to be rugged and problem free. I’d never even thought of putting a trolling plate on one of my boats before getting the chance to use the Trollbuddy. Now, I’d never consider not having one. It’s that good.”

If you want to see the original review online go to: and click on Trollbuddy Trolling Plate in the menu.

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