Nearly every company who makes trolling spoons has their own version of “Dolphin” spoons – a silver blade with a chartreuse edge along one border of the blade and either green or blue along the other edge. A scalloped tape in either green/glow or yellow/glow stripes diagonally across the blade to complete the pattern.

The dolphin pattern has been a time-proven and fish-proven pattern for over a quarter of a century and Northern King spoons has their own version. Two things set the NK version apart from the others. First, the NK starts with a brass blank, making it heavier than similar steel blades and delivers a unique wobble as it’s trolled. The blank is silver plated, not just coated with chrome or polished nickel. The silver produces more flash as it trolls through the depths.

Additionally, each dolphin spoon (whether it’s blue dolphin or green dolphin) comes with a choice of either a yellow/glow or green/glow tape highlight tape. The tape is not “pre-applied.” Select which of the two colors packed with each spoon you prefer, peel the backing off the tape strip, stick the tape on the spoon and send it down to let the fish tell you if you chose wisely.

Three sizes are available: 3 5/16″ – 3 3/4″ and 4 1/2″. Northern King (made in Canada) is being stocked at some retailers here in the states or can be ordered online from or direct from the parent company (Len Thompson) at


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