Hardcore is best known as a producer of garments, decoys and gear for waterfowlers. I’m a waterfowler, myself, so I understand the need for both rugged construction as well as warmth in my duck hunting togs. When Hardcore came out with their H2 pants, I suspected they would be up to seasons of use and abuse, whether in the boat or in the blind.

Few pairs of pants can match the comfort of a well-broken-in pair of blue jeans. The H2 can, thanks to the stretchy base material used to make the pants. Then to add years to the life of the pants Hardcore designers added abrasion panels on the seat, knees and on the insides by the ankles – all high wear areas for when the pants are worn as an outer layer.

The material is not waterproof but it does have tight (wind resistant) weave so slight contact with spray or wet surfaces doesn’t soak in. The fabric, like polypropylene, is moisture wicking so when sweat or water vapor is wicked away from my skin by my base layer, the moisture is able to continue it’s journey through my clothing to the outside, keeping me dry on the inside.

The pants have deep pockets (deeper than blue jeans) and come with a removable pair of suspenders. I go suspenders up since they keep the pants from sliding down. No wind down my back end!

I chose the “Weathered” gray color instead of either of Hardcore’s camo patterned fabrics strictly because I have an aversion to wearing camouflage when I’m fishing. (When I’m duck hunting, I’m always wearing waders, anyway.)

The H2s are available at Cabela’s/BPS, other retailers or online at http://www.hardcorewaterfowl.com.

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