I often travel in a full size SUV as big as some of the apartments I rented when I was going to college. Good thing while in college I didn’t have to store enough rod and reel combos, along with a bevy of tackle boxes, for a week’s worth of fishing in my studio – along with my clothes, groceries and beer supplies.

In my Suburban, I do. Maybe not so much beer these days, but boots, tackle, raingear, coolers for me and perhaps three of my fishing buddies and their gear make an untidy load and begs the question: “How can we travel with the requisite number of fishing rods?”

Yakima Products, (the cargo transport Yakima, not the fishing lure Yakima) recently came up with a solid solution for traveling anglers. The Yakima “TopWater” fishing rod box mounts securely on the roof of most any vehicle you may be driving, whether it’s a Chevy Suburban or a Chevy Volt.

My Suburban was equipped with luggage racks on the roof so mounting the locker on top was a breeze. A few brackets, bolts and wing nuts and it the unit was ready for highway speeds. Yakima has roof mounting systems to outfit cars, SUVs and vans with no factory installed luggage racks to mount the TopWater – or other models of their roof top carriers.

The TopWater has spaces to securely hold eight fully rigged rods and reels on protective foam supports held in place with rubber retention straps. Each rod is individually supported and won’t be touching the other rods.

That’s the way to go for the guys with really high-end rod and reel combos wanting to keep them looking like new. Personally, my rod and reel combos are more utilitarian and I’m sure I can fit a dozen or more inside the TopWater and they’ll be just fine when I get to my destination.

In fact, I can fit a dozen rods, several low profile tackle boxes, my rain gear and a few other items inside the TopWater, then lock down the lid with Yakima’s Single Key System and head on down the road. The rod supports are removable, so the roof top transport could carry, guns, skis or any other excess cargo on non-fishing excursions.

Go to: http://www.yakima.com for more details about the TopWater Rod Box or any of their other transport products. The website lists dealers in your area or they can be ordered online.


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