When I know I am going to be using the binoculars on my boat regularly, I want them handy but don’t want them hanging around my neck when I’m doing “fishy” things like setting lines or netting catches. My dashboard isn’t configured well for stashing gear I want to use frequently or quickly. Some of it is cluttered with electronics, compass and other essentials. Some parts are already cluttered and the parts which aren’t cluttered is probably because the clutter has fallen off. Bino Dock to the rescue!

Most boats have drink holders – either built in at the factory or added on in select locations. Once you learn how handy a pair of binos are, you won’t think twice about dedicating one of the drink holding “sockets” to a Bino Dock (or adding another in a strategic location) to store your binoculars when they aren’t in use and to keep them close at hand for when they are needed.

It’s a simple idea. A cup-shaped mount goes into the cup holder. Simple rubber rings (included) can be added to the mount to make it fit snuggly. The upper part which holds the binoculars adjusts several inches left or right to position them perfectly.

The Bino Dock fits the 8X28 Vortex Diamondbacks easily since they are compact. The manufacture says they will accommodate pairs with up to 56mm objective lenses and the rubber retainer strap adjusts to fit any length. At the end of the boating season, move the Bino Dock to your hunting truck or your ATV. The BDs are made from rugged plastic and will easily stand up to choppy waves on the lake or rough road (or no road) driving situations. They are available at some retail outlets, online at their website and at

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