I remember when the first Frogg Toggs rainsuits were invented. “This is either the smartest thing ever,” I thought, “or the worst.” They looked and felt like they were made of paper, with a sort of waxy crumpled newspaper feel to them, but according to the marketing hype which came with them, they were both waterproof and breathable.

Waterproof and breathable were “miracle words” in the rainwear industry, words that spelled the end for plastic and rubber waterproof outerwear. Gore-Tex and other materials proved outdoorsmen could stay dry on the inside when it was wet on the outside and not get wet on the inside just from sweat and or condensation. Products made with those technologies are winners, but they come with a cost. A hefty cost, since a Gore-Tex lined rain parka will set a wet-weather fisherman back well over $200.

A Frogg Toggs rainsuit (they really aren’t paper) cost less than 20 bucks. The combination of three facts proved them to be winners, as well

1) A lot of fishermen are cheap-skates.

2) The “paper-like” rainsuits delivered on their claim to be both waterproof and breathable.

3) Frogg Toggs is absolutely the best name for a rain wear company, ever!

Still, for guys like me who are outside almost every day and especially in the early spring, I’m wearing my expensive, durable, hi-tech products for protection from wind, spray and rain. The original Frogg Toggs, wouldn’t hold up, day in, day out, but what do you expect for 20 bucks.

A few years ago, when passing shower had everyone on my boat digging for their wet weather gear, a customer pulled out a great looking, high-tech looking rainsuit with the familiar, Frogg Toggs logo on it. What?

Forward looking companies don’t just rely on a single product line to continue growing. Frogg Toggs still produce inexpensive rain suits (under $30), still made of their paper-like, polypropylene material, but they also have developed other fabrics made from non-paper like materials – layered, bonded, still waterproof and breathable – to outfit a variety of users.

By summer, where I usually fish on Lake Michigan, the “rainy” season is over. Sure, there are squalls, some drizzly days, but I don’t have to be suited up all day in my heavy duty, “100 MPH ” parka and bibs. Thank goodness! They are great when it’s 50 degrees, they might as well be made from polar bear fur when it’s 70.

Last summer, Mother Nature didn’t get word the rainy season was ended. I needed a suit of “summer weight,” quality rain gear so I turned to Frogg Toggs to see if they had a model to fill my need. I selected the Pilot II Jacket and bibs (also available as pants) and found them perfect for my needs.

First, they were lightweight and comfortable enough to be able to wear during a summer squall, even on a hot day – or to slide into and wear for hours on a dreary, drizzly day. Second, they were both comfortable and tough. Third, the Pilot II suit is well designed for active anglers with good zippers, plenty of pockets – secure and in the right places – and it looks good!

Check out the Pilot II rainwear at All Frogg Toggs products are widely available online and many sizes and colors are kept in stock at leading retail outlets.

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