Thousands of walleye guys (and plenty of bass guys, “salmoniacs” and other fish chasers) rely on Challenger Minnows available in nine sizes and in both jointed, straight and deep diver configurations as well as in dozens of colors. Between the sizes, models and colors, choosing which one to buy or tie on is a “Challenger-ing” task. 

            If you want my advice, try the newest color pattern recently added to their standard line-up called the Four Bagger. Why it’s got that name, I don’t know, other than it’s been a home run for me both in the three-inch version run behind a shallow set Dipsey Diver for early season cohos on Lake Michigan as well as the 4 1/2″ shallow diver on downriggers and 4 1/2″ Deep Minnow for Lake Erie walleyes. 

            Challenger Minnows (and other products) are available at many retail outlets or see and choose from all the sizes, colors and models at www. 

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