I’ve often heard of flies and meat rigs which get paired with “tournament hook rigs” as though when fishing in a tournament, it’s necessary to use the most effective set-up possible; or perhaps, when you are just out fishing for recreation, any ol’ hook is good enough. What? I don’t care if I’m fishing for a prize or just to catch a salmon for supper, I want the most effective hook set-up available dangling at the rear of my lure.

            The rig itself is tied with 50 pound test Seaguar STS, fluorocarbon line and uses a 4/0 VMC single hook trailed by a 4X #1 VMC treble hook. I don’t know if hook rigs using only single hooks or just a treble really hooks and holds a salmon or trout better than the single/treble combo. I do think the forward positioned single hook can be hidden up inside the fly without tangling up in the fly material better than a treble. All in all, it looks like a mean, wicked arrangement – especially from a fish’s point of view. If nothing else, four sharp points is better than three, two or one in my estimation.

            Sure, you can buy the hooks, line, beads and tubing to make your own. I could make one in what, a half hour – probably taking a half dozen tries to get one right. I don’t know who the CME line tiers are, but they are good and I’m happy to plunk down $2.95 for a set of their tournament rigged hook sets. Get them at and check out their line of flies, meat rigs and other products, as well.  

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