There’s no need to hype the quality of Gamakatsu hooks. They were one of the first hook makers to spend as much effort producing quality as quantity. Plenty of tournament pros switch every lure they own to these Asian-made hooks. All of them come ultra-sharp and with exquisite quality control ensuring whether the fish on the end of the line is a sunfish or a sailfish, the hook won’t fail.

            So when you get a Magic Eye Treble from Gamakatsu, the quality isn’t the magic, it’s the ability to slide the hook onto a split ring without shredding a thumbnail or digging out the split ring pliers. When the hook is being made the eye of the hook is formed or flattened a bit – just enough at the top – so when it’s pressed against a split ring the hook’s eye, instead of your thumbnail or the beak on the split ring pliers, the flat part of the eye is what spreads open the ring allowing the hook to be threaded securely.

            Using a Gamakatsu hook is a big deal to fishermen who recognize quality and want to use the best. Using a Magic Eye hook isn’t a real big deal, but on the other hand, why not? It doesn’t have to be tricky to be effective – and who doesn’t like a little magic?  Widely available or buy them online at Available in various styles, strengths, sizes and colors.

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