Bay de Noc lure company is best known for its Swedish Pimple spoon, used as a vertical jigging spoon as much as anything. Bay de Noc does produce other models (check them all out at http://www.baydenoclure.com) including one called a Flutter Laker Taker. It’s unlike any spoon I’ve previously fished.

I’ve had plenty of trolling spoons, which after being inhaled by a big, tough fish, end up with an unplanned bend in the blade back towards the hook. I pound these bent up blades back flat before sending them out again. Some still work, some are ruined.

The Flutter Laker Takers start out with a sharp bend about a quarter of the way up the blade from the hook. This insures the spoon will have plenty of action, even at low, slow trolling speeds, says Bay de Noc.

I don’t troll low and slow with my crankbaits – normal, for me, is on the plus side of 2.5 mph. I didn’t have much faith in this well bent bait when I tied it on. Wrong!            

With a 50 foot lead, I set the L-Taker out on the port side of the boat four feet behind a #2 Tadpole. As it was sliding into position, it released (with a fish) before the rod was even put in the rod holder. “Good start!” I thought.

It soon became the star on that side of the boat, catching more like two of every three fish than just it’s share. The next day I put it first on one of the Dipsey Divers and once it caught a few fish there, I moved it to a downrigger set where it continued it’s winning way.

They come in various sizes and colors. The one I used was the three-inch model and had a simple nickel finish with a fluorescent yellow stripe down the side.

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