I mentioned to my fishing companions I had some “secret” lures to try out. “The secret,” I said, “is instead of having rattles inside to attract the fish, they have an internal electric sound maker which would activate when the lure went into the water. The sound is supposed to mimic the ‘scream’ baitfish make as they flee for their life when a predator is near.”

They laughed and looked at me trying to gauge if I was serious or just joking to make the miles to the Erie Islands area go a little quicker. I told them, “Seriously, I’ve got several of these.” They continued giving me the stink-eye look as their bullshit meters pegged well into the red. (Actually, my BS meter was pretty well pegged, as well.) 

On the boat, that first afternoon, I tied on one of the “scream-like-a-baitfish models” from Livingston Lures – an EBS Walleye 90 – licked my thumb and fore-finger, then touched them to each of the hook hangers to complete the circuit and activate the “sound system.” Then I held the lure up to their ears so they could hear the sound. Whether or not it sounds like a screaming baitfish, I don’t know. To me, it sounded something like a squeaking mouse. In use, the water is what switches on the EBS – electric baitfish sound.

I sent the lure out on one of the planer boards and in a few minutes, we caught our first fish of the trip. It came on the “screamer” lure, as my fishing partners dubbed it. Then it caught another and another – not every fish, but it got enough bites we tied on an LL Voyager 15 Walleye model and put it on the other side of the boat. These lures, in the Purple Tiger and Wonder Bread colors, caught their share and more that first afternoon and for the next few days. The EBS Walleye 136 stickbait in Fire Tiger deployed deep using divers and downriggers contributed to our limits each day, as well.

Livingston Lures feature VMC hooks, sturdy hardware, great paint and most important, even the deep diving Voyager 15 ran true at speeds over 3 mph. Very impressive lures and performance.  

There’s no doubt the addition of some sort of “sound” makes a good lure better, whether that’s a rattle, a spinner blade or something else. Why not a sound produced electronically? The Livingston Lures guys say their EBS “screaming” baitfish sound attracts fish three times farther than rattles. The battery life is 300 hours. I’m sure I have some lures which have more than 300 hours on them, but not many, and if I lost one of those veterans, I’d happily purchase a replacement. I’ve already ordered some other “screaming” baits in different models and colors to use for salmon and trout.  My BS meter is back in the green. Available at retail outlets as well as online at

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