On a recent trip to Lake Erie I had the chance to test out a variety of “walleye” spoons. One of the spoons which exhibited an all-star performance was a Moonshine RV Walleye model.

Why not? It checks all the boxes about what a good walleye spoon should be. At three-inches, it’s the right size and has a good action over a wide range of speeds.

The one I used started with a copper colored blank, easily visible. Making it even more visible, it’s painted – as are all Moonshine Lures – with long-glowing, glow-in-dark paint (which isn’t just for low light conditions) and then it’s covered with a UV activated coating to make it even more visible. If the fish didn’t see it, they were blind.

Seeing it and biting it is different, but the JJ Mac Muffin color must have looked tasty to the walleye near our boat. They bit it regularly.  Check out to find this and other patterns as well as where to purchase them.


  1. I like the spoons with the “wonder bread” color/name from multiple companies(incl. Moonshine). They don’t work, but it’s just cool to have a lure called Wonder Bread and I like the coloration.


    1. There are lots of clever lure names. They don’t make the fish like them any better, but it makes them more fun to fish with. Who doesn’t like fishing with a spoon called “Flounder Pounder?” Actually, Wonder Bread is a very good pattern many places where the water is very clear.


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