Whether you use the Swobbit tools above or dive into your scrubbing chores with old rags and paper towels, you’ll want to use some sort of cleaning products to loosen dirt, remove stains and cut through grease or oil. There are hundreds of products available for household or industrial uses. Which to choose and especially, if your boat is moored, which ones can wash overboard without releasing toxic pollutants into the environment?

I found a pair of Booyah Clean products which work great and meet EPA criteria for direct release into the environment. One of them I use for general purpose, both on the inside and outside of my boat, the other is for when I need to really clean up the outside of the hull.

Ever heard of fishing the “mud line?” That’s where the muddy, turbid, algae laden water from many Great Lakes tributaries, meets the clean, clear water of the lake. It’s a great place to target fish. But the summer marina I use most often is upstream from Lake Michigan in one of those mudline-producing streams and at the end of each trip, there’s a mudline on the exterior of my boat.

Truthfully, I don’t hose down or scrub down my boat’s hull every trip or even every other trip. By the time I get to it, it needs it! After using Booyah Clean’s “Non-Acid Instant Hull Cleaner” now, when I get around to cleaning the accumulated, dried on scum, that’s the cleanser I grab. It’s as simple as spraying it on, letting it sit for a couple minutes, then rinse. I do give it a couple of quick passes with my Swobbit brush, then rinse, but that’s really only needed in bad-case scenarios. It’s easy on waxed fiberglass or other surfaces.

 Inside, and once in a while on the outside, I switch to Booyah Clean’s Wash and Wax. This product goes a long way, since it’s concentrated and needs to be diluted with water. When using it you’ll notice it makes a lot of suds. I don’t know if the suds make it clean better, but it does a bang up job on accumulated grime, including spilled coffee, fish blood and other dirt.  I dip the Swobbit brush in the dilute solution for most places in the boat, but switch to a soft rag in tight areas; then rinse.

            When it’s rinsed, it leaves a light layer of Carnuba wax behind which adds sparkle, shine and layer of protection. I give my boat a coat of durable boat wax at the start of each season. Several times each season, however, I wash my hull with Wash and Wax, both to clean it and to renew that springtime shine. View or buy these two Booyah Clean products (and others) at, and at many retail outlets.

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