ScentLok Technologies is one of the leaders in the scent blocking and elimination industry which so many deer and predator hunters rely on to hide their human odor from the animals being pursued. This includes a full line of clothes from base layers to outer wea

An offshoot of this, however, has been the development of ozone generating products which can odorlessly “decontaminate” hunting clothes by producing an ozone rich atmosphere where clothes are stored. While in storage the unstable oxygen molecule, ozone, chemically interacts with scent molecules rendering them odorless. Ozone also has an anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-mold properties – all things that can produce odors and all things most people don’t want to have on their clothes or elsewhere.

The “elsewhere” I tested the Radial EZ ozone generator was a fellow charter captain’s below decks area. Like many charter captains, the “downstairs” portion of his boat is more a storage room than living quarters. At the end of the trip, rods, tackle, rain wear and other gear is stored there and locked away. After a few days, if anything was bit wet or had a bit of fish “juice” on it when the hatches and doors are closed….whew!  The smell coming from below makes most gym lockers smell quite rosy. 

I handed the generator to Capt. Bob, showed him how to charge it up (it’s rechargeable – no batteries to change or shore power required) and he put it to the test.  His assessment?  “How much do you want for this!”

He said the difference was remarkable! Not exactly springtime fresh – there’s no flowery scent or the smell of disinfectant – but after being locked inside for a couple days, cycling on and off, he said it smelled more like the cabin had been freshly aired out. (There’s only so much anything is going to do for leftover “fish juice” on a rod handle or landing net.)

If you only buy things which multi-task – grab on to this!  The USB port used to recharge the batteries, will boost or recharge a spent cell phone battery with the right plug on the end of the wire.  It’s available in three colors (including water-camo) at, and some retail outlets.

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