Use the right tool for the job certainly fits when it comes to using knives. Sometimes, all that’s needed is quick access and a razor sharp blade. A couple of new or fairly new mini-knives from Outdoor Edge could be perfect. I’ve had my Slidewinder for a whole season and used it almost every trip – mostly as a razor sharp knife. It’s called a “Slide” winder because when you need a sharp edge, just “slide” the replaceable utility knife blade out of the handle until it locks in place ready to make razor-sharp cuts. A multi-tasker, it sports both flat and phillips screwdriver tips and a bottle cap opener. The handle comes in black, blue, orange and steel colors.

One of the newest knives from Outdoor Edge this year is named the Swinky because it has a blade which rotates 180 degrees to “swink” open to switch it from a being a hefty flat screwdriver/bottle opener combo to a straight blade razor-edged cutting tool. It’s not as small as the Slidewinder, but it’s still about a “half-sized” knife.

Both of these knife/tools have a pocket clip on their nylon/glass handles. I don’t clip mine in my pocket, however. I clip them onto the outside of the cup holder at the helm where anyone on board can grab one when they need to do some knife work, adjust a Dipsey Diver or pop a top.

Both of these tools are available at retail outlets, Amazon.com or at their website: http://www.outdooredge.com.

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