In a recent GLA issue in the Tackle and Toys column, I commented that Frogg Toggs was perhaps the greatest name for a set of rainwear ever imagined.  Similarly, the Frogg Toggs moniker is equally clever for waders.

Name aside, the Frogg Toggs brand, Steel Header, Reinforced Nylon Insulated BTFT Waders, I gave a workout to in recent months kept me as comfy as a frog in a swamp whenever I wore them. For full season steelheaders – those addicts who chase summer Skamanias in July heat as well as January winter-run fish, these are ideal. Why? Because the waders come with a zip-in/zip-out quilted thinsulate liner.

That liner adds a welcome layer of warmth on those days when the water is ice cold and the air temperature even colder. When it’s not needed, zip it out and the waders transform into a light, tough, summer-weight wader.

Summer or winter, the fact the “frog” skin’s waterproof nylon fabric is also breathable allows perspiration to escape eliminating any condensation and dampness inside the waders. Clammy clothes are uncomfortable in warm weather and downright chilling in the cold.

Things I liked over and above most waders are four external pockets to hold my “stuff” while fishing. I don’t think the pockets are totally waterproof, so don’t put my cell phone in the ones with vertical zipper but those are perfect for handwarmers or for other items. There’s a second, larger zippered pocket with a horizontal opening.  All of these zip openings are great to securely pocket occasional use items. For things like needle nose pliers or other tools, there’s an  open-ended kangaroo pouch.

The heavy-gauge zippers on the zip-in liner were easy to manipulate and I liked the fact the zips are color coded. The orange zipper on the liner connects to the orange zip in the leg – green to green and black to black – all done.

There are other thoughtful touches, as well, such as D-rings on each suspender clasp to hold clippers or other tools, extra fabric on the knees to protect the wader fronts from while walking or wading and a sturdy external belt to keep the long legs of the waders from pulling the crotch down around my knees. Boot sizes run from seven to fourteen.            

Available at many retailers, in store or online, Amazon or direct from:

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