Reviewed by: CAPT. MIKE SCHOONVELD            

I’m lucky to live near the southern tip of Lake Michigan where the first open water boat fishing on any of the Great Lakes is available. Not only is our water soft on top by late February or early March most years, all the coho salmon stocked by Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan are here and the fishing is as hot as it gets. Too bad I can’t say that about the weather.

It’s a smaller boat fishery best suited to outboard powered, trailerable boats. No warm cabin to duck into. No escape from wind, errant snowflakes or frosty, sub-freezing mornings.

Proper layering with high tech winter garb is demanded. Top it all off with a sturdy, warm, weatherproof and waterproof outer layer and you’ll be just fine.

Actually, top off the bottom three-quarters of your body with a pair of Gill Winter Angler Bibs and you’ll be better than fine. Gill is a leader in the world of technical apparel designed specifically for mariners and anglers. Waterproof means waterproof all day, not just for a passing shower or a bit of spray from a bumpy boat ride. Tough, means fabric, zippers, seams and wear points that stand up to the everyday use professional anglers, charter boat skippers and fishing guides demand.

Warmth and comfort is top on my list of things to demand in my earliest season outer wear, but close behind is durability and ease of use. Nothing is going to last me a lifetime, the way I use and abuse it, but it sure better give me several seasons of use. These will.

And if I’m going to live in them a couple months each year, they better have a couple of handy features. Gill’s Winter Bibs do. They have a full-length zipper on each leg and it’s a big, easy-to-zip, easy-to-grip zipper. The bibs are easy on, easy off. The suspender straps are wide and durable. I’m sure they will still be strong and elastic, not stretched out or worse, for the life of the garment. Lastly, I’m a “pocket” guy, and the Winter Angler Bib’s zippered chest pocket is roomy, easy to use and holds much of my useful clutter where I can get to it when needed.             

You’ll find these at many in store or online fishing gear retailers or check out all the Gill apparel and accessories at

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