The favorite colors of many Americans are red, white and blue. We are proud of our country, proud of our flag and proud of the colors which signify our patriotism. It’s the one color pattern always in style. So why not a Red, White and Blue landing net to scoop the fish out of the lake at the end of their battle?

            There’s no reason a net handle can’t be red as opposed to being bare aluminum, or painted black, green, brown or another color. There’s no reason the hoop on the net has to be a specific color, either.

            Some people consider the color of the net material to be important and specifically choose a white or white/translucent netting because they believe it’s harder for the fish to see and it makes the netting job easier. The Cumings Red, White and Blue net has a powder-coated red handle, blue hoop and translucent white net material. God Bless America!

            For me and most Great Lakes anglers, the net or nets on the boat are purchased more for function than style. An ugly net that does the job well is better than a net that looks good but is barely adequate, otherwise.

            No worry of that with the Cumings Red, White and Blue net. First, Cummings has been making landing nets and other fishing tackle in the USA for over 90 years. Their philosophy is simple: “To supply the very finest quality fishing tackle at a fair price to our customers all over the world.”

            The RWB net is perfectly sized for walleye anglers. The powder-coated blue hoop is what I call teardrop shaped and measures 21 X 25 inches. On my initial tests with the net we scooped walleyes to eight pounds with no sign of strain to the hoop or handle. I’m sure it will handle any coho salmon I’ll ever hook and all but the biggest lakers and chinooks back home on Lake Michigan.

            The red handle is octagonal and telescopes from 38 to 70 inches. The octagonal shape increases handle strength and insures the button and hole locking mechanism is always aligned and snaps into place easily, every time.

            The translucent white thermal plastic, rubberized net basket easily contained the smaller fish we netted and stretched deep enough to securely hold our big walleyes. Best of all the rubberized net was easy on the fish we wanted to release, because the smooth finish was easy on the fish’s scales and slime coating and easy on the lures and anglers because the rubber/plastic webbing minimizes tangling dangling trebles.             Cumings nets are available at many retail outlets, online stores or order directly from 

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