Reviewed by: Capt. Mike Schoonveld

Have you ever wondered why most spoon manufacturers only paint or tape intricate color schemes on one side of their lures but the opposite side is plain? Don’t the fish get to see both sides? I’ve never seen a slow-mo video of a spoon fluttering or wobbling along under the waves from a fish’s eye perspective, but I’m thinking the vid would reveal each side of the spoon would be visible an equal or nearly equal amount of time.

If that’s true, does it make sense to look at the paint and pattern on the front and be totally oblivious to the blank landscape on the reverse side? That’s a good question. But when the person who invented the Fub Wobbler Spoon pondered this he took the answer to a whole new level.

The tape, paint, stripes and spots on Fub Wobbler Spoons are applied to the concave side. The other, more convex side of the lure, the side most makers concentrate their work, is the bland, metal side on a “Fub.” That’s not the only difference.

Fub Wobblers are not made using the same or similar unadorned blanks used by other spoon “decorators” with the fancy color patterns on the “wrong” side. The blank itself is stamped into a shape unlike any other spoon I’ve ever used.

Is this good? Yes, no, maybe, sometimes, always, never? When the right lure, the right color, with the right action and the right fish come together at the right time, fishing fun begins. The Fub Wobbler can’t do anything about the right fish and time, but with three sizes, dozens of color patterns and a unique action, a few Fub Wobblers in your arsenal can be the key to fishing fun on your boat.

The “fubs” are available in some retail outlets in southeast Michigan or check out http://www.fubwobbler.com for all the available colors and online ordering.

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