Reviewed by: Capt. Mike Schoonveld

I love wearing camouflage clothes. That’s because camo is hunting clothes and I’m a hunter. It keeps me from being spotted by wary animals in when I’m in a tree stand, duck blind or dove field.

 I don’t wear camo clothes when I’m fishing. I don’t care if the fish spot me. By the time they’d see me, they’ve probably seen my mostly white boat, heard the noisy motor or have been spooked by the downrigger cables. Camo isn’t going to be much help.

Still, some guys (or gals) would wear their hunting camo at their wedding. I wouldn’t, but I would wear it on my boat if camo looked more nautical – or fishy. Now it does.

Several companies now make performance fabric shirts in fishy/nautical patterns so why not camo-up? The first one I picked was from Gill Fishing ( – with a light, water-camo pattern expressed stylishly across the shoulders, front and back, as well as around the bottom of the shirt and the long sleeves.  I chose the quarter – zip collar model – EZ on and off, but more so to add comfort by being able to zip it tight when needed or zip down to loosen and get a bit more air-flow through the shirt. Available in men’s and women’s sizes and styles at their website, at retail outlets and at

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