Reviewed by: Capt. Mike Schoonveld

If you are one of those people who feel more comfortable in camo clothes than any other pattern but you know the camo has to fit the activity, True Timber Fishing offers several camo designs just for fishermen and women. Diehard camo lovers know a touch of camo used only as stylish highlight isn’t enough. To them, nothing short of an all-over pattern camouflage shirt is good enough. If that’s your mindset, look to TrueTimber Fishing for performance shirts with what I judge to be the coolest water-camo pattern I’ve found. TTF calls it Viper Aqua.

I looked to TrueTimber Fishing patterns since I often choose TrueTimber coats, jackets and other gear when I’m camouflaged for hunting purposes. The Viper Aqua garments are available both as total camo as well as those with camo/solid color styles.

Either way, True Timber uses a proprietary fabric designed to maximize the moisture wicking capability. I wore this shirt several days during the hottest days of the summer more comfortably than I would have in a cotton, short sleeve tee.  Look for True Timber select shirts and other hunting and outdoor clothing at and retail outlets or the full line of gear at

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