The mask mandate may be over in most places, but do you ever feel as though you should have put one on when you catch a whiff of your livewell or fish cooler when you open it after it’s been closed shut for a day or two – or a week? It doesn’t take a lot of fish goo left inside a closed box to make it smell like you’d left a dead fish in there a month ago. 

            Sure, a bit of elbow grease and some lemon, pine or chlorine scented cleaning product can resurrect all but the worst examples, but Old Salt Angling Company – the popular fishing scent company – has developed an enzyme active spray that does a creditable job quickly and with far less effort. Just mist a few squirts of the Old Salt Livewell Cleaner into the cooler or livewell either at the end of a day when it’s emptied or at the beginning of a day when heading out and before it’s filled with water and or fish. The odor eating enzymes go to work. 

            For my test case, I chose my fish cooler which had received nothing more than a rinse down a couple of days earlier. I added a couple bags of ice and three squirts of OSLC and quickly shut the lid.  Forty minutes later after we got our lines set, I asked one of my fishing partners to check the cooler.

            “For what?” he asked. 

            “Just check it,” I said. “What do you think?”

            “Nothing in there but some ice,” he said. 

            “What about the smell?” I said.

            “What smell?” he answered, “It doesn’t smell like anything?”

            It passed the test! 

            Old Salt Livewell Cleaner is available in many retail outlets in northeastern Wisconsin or online at http://www.oldsaltangling.com. THE END

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