You wouldn’t buy a J-Plug or other crankbait that didn’t have eyes painted on them, would you?  Many popular trolling spoons come with eyespots; I often tape aftermarket spots on the spoons I purchase that don’t come with eyes.

How many of the trolling flies you use have eyes?  Not many, but still, they catch fish. Is there a reason other lures need eyes but trolling flies don’t?  I can’t answer that for sure, but I’m sure an eye on the head of the fly would never hurt and just might get an extra bite or two from super-wary fish.            

CME, maker of my favorite bullet heads to use when making my own trolling flies, now make bullet heads with prominent eyes. I like them!  Here are the first couple flies I made with the Eyed Bullet Heads.  If you make your own flies and like the idea of making some with eyes, check out 

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