Reviewed by: CAPT. MIKE SCHOONVELD

There have been dozens of companies who staked their reputations on producing the ultimate tackle box. Some were soft, some were hard, many were both. Add in modular, packable, battery powered – there’s probably a nuclear powered one out there somewhere.  If there was a poll about what has been the most convenient, usable or versatile tackle storage solution for me it would be some sort of combo that features Plano 3700 StowAway boxes.

            These 9 X 14-inch containers are ubiquitous in the tackle storage biz and so popular many boat makers build racks or specially-sized compartments on their boats to fit them. So do dozens of makers of tackle bags, boxes, crates or satchels. So when Plano came up with their Z-Series of waterproof totes which includes duffles, backpacks and lure wraps; coming up with a tackle bag to carry a bevy of StowAways was an easy addition to that line. Plano produces these for both the 3700 size boxes and in a lesser size for the smaller, 3600 size StowAways.  I got the 3700 size.

            StowAways containers come in a variety of depths or thicknesses. “Standard” is the two-inch deep box but there are also thin and deep models. They even have half sizes so it takes two of them positioned end to end to fill the space of one standard size. The 3700 Z-Series bag will easily fit four “standard” depths boxes (it comes with two.)

            This isn’t the only StowAway tote I own or have used. It is the only one advertised to be “saltwater tough.” Not that the Great Lakes are salty, but on my boat, the StowAways aren’t usually stowed away out of the weather and most of the storage containers are no more than “weather resistant.” The waterproof, Z-Series is made from waterproof components and corrosion proof hardware. It’s more utilitarian than clever with only a couple of external, mesh pockets on the ends to store miscellaneous gear and a wide, nylon carrying strap. No D-rings, pliers holsters, molded in cutting boards or other fancy (and often useless) other features.

            It has a rigid, skid-proof bottom, semi-rigid sides so it won’t collapse when in use and a zipperless top closure. If you are looking for a well built, functional portable storage option to harness your collection of 3700-sized (or 3600) storage containers, check out the Z-Series at You can purchase them at this website, at many other online outlets as well as retail stores.

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