When I picked up my brand new boat long ago, it came with four hard plastic drink holders positioned strategically around the interior. Two of them didn’t survive the first trip since they were also positioned exactly where someone would bang into them when they were leaving their seat to grab a rod with a fish on it. The other two lasted only slightly longer.

The quest was on to find a drink holder (or a drink holder location) which would hold cups of coffee, bottles of water or cans of beer that would do the job and not get broken. That’s not as easy as you might think. My quest is over and then some thanks to Tackle Webs. 

Tackle Webs are multi-purpose storage solutions designed specifically for boats (but adaptable to vehicles, campers and home environments.)  They are a simple concept – a tough, mesh material is used to construct a storage bag or pouch. Did I say tough?  Short of attacking them with a fillet knife, they’ll last the life of your boat. They come in a variety of sizes depending the space available to position them or the size of the item you want to store in them – from a cell phone to a several stowaway type storage boxes.

They’ve ended my decades-old drink holder quest. The cup holder will hold a normal sized 12-ounce can – with or without a Koozie – as well as any other size drink up to a 30 oz Yeti Rambler. 

Stick them where you need them. All of the TackleWeb products are simple to install. They come with an industrial strength, pre-cut hook and loop (think Velcro) tape which will stick to most any surface – painted, bare metal, varnished wood, glass or fiberglass. I have one at the helm for my coffee cup, another for my cell phone and still another to hold my Personal Locator Beacon. Other suggested locations are inside of hatch covers, compartments, doors, inside or outside on coolers or stick a Tackle Web on the inside of a cooler lids to hold ice packs. Let your imagination run rampant.

TackleWebs pouches are also available with suction cup attachments at well as bungee cord models which work great to attach a storage pack to the back of pedestal seats. They are also available in either black or white.

Order TackleWebs direct from www.tacklewebs.com or find them at Amazon, Bass Pro/Cabela’s, West Marine and other retailers. 

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