Every lure has one or more hooks on them.  Some lure makers seem to make the hooks or trebles on their lures as unobtrusive as possible by hanging bronze or black hooks on them. Other makers use shiny, chrome hooks or bright red ones, evidently to make the hooks more noticeable.

            I’m in the camp that thinks that as long as a lure has a hook it might as well make the lure more enticing. That’s why I often swap out the hooks on both spoons and plugs with “feathered trebles.”  I use the Feathered Trebles from Gamakatsu. All Gamakatsu hooks are premium quality and the Feathered Trebles are tied on their premium round bend trebles. The feather hooks are either solid white or white with streaks of red. The largest size is #2, okay for walleye plugs and smaller-sized spoons. Recently, Gamakatsu started producing feathered trebles tied on their G-Finesse hooks with larger sizes up to 1/0 and with a choice of either white or chartreuse feathers.

            Usually, I put the feathered treble on the rear hook of lures with two or more hooks, but hanging a feather on the belly hook seems to boost a lure’s performance some days. A feathered treble on a spoon gives it a whole new look. Check all the Gamakatsu products at or pick up some feathered trebles online or at many retail outlets.

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