Many years ago I switched to using fingerless gloves in cold weather. They keep my hands warm and I’m sure they’ve protected my hands from countless dings, scrapes and line cuts. The best I’ve ever worn are the fleece/neoprene fingerless gloves in Glacier Glove’s  Alaska River Series.

A few years ago I switched to wearing long sleeve shirts made of performance fabric in the summer instead of relying on my “summer tan” or sunscreen to guard my arms against the harmful UV rays from the sun. About the time I slid into my performance Tees, I’d take off my fleece, fingerless gloves.

I didn’t need to keep my hands warm any longer and I learned to put up with the dings and cuts. But there is another threat, usually overlooked, that gloves could eliminate. The same UV sunrays I shield from my arms and torso with my performance cloth shirts is shining relentlessly on my hands.            

Again, Glacier Glove comes to the rescue.  I chose their Islamorada Sun Glove fingerless model. They give me UPF 50+ sun protection and the faux leather finger, thumb and palm overlay adds protection for my hands as well as increased life for the gloves. I chose the Gray Camo, but they come in other colors. Check them out at They are widely available at online and retail outlets.  

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