There are certainly some advantages for fishing with SpiderWire (or other braided lines) and there are certainly some advantages to having your lure or bait tied to fluorocarbon line. Each of those types of lines come with disadvantages, as well. To get the best of both, anglers across the country spool up with braid, but they tie on a fluorocarbon leader to put three or four feet of nearly invisible line between the end of the braid and the hooks they want the fish to bite down on. 

That’s what I often do and and now SpiderWire and Berkley (both owned by Pure Fishing) makes that easier than ever. To make things easier for braid/fluoro users, SpiderWire now offers a dual spool option in one package. A reel-filler spool of SpiderWire Stealth in either 8, 10, 15 or 20-pound break strength comes with an attached smaller spool of suitably strong fluorocarbon inside the back of the braided line’s spool. Choose either hi-vis yellow or moss green for the SpiderWire Stealth.  Both SpiderWire Stealth and Trilene Fluorocarbon are personal favorites of mine that I have plenty of experience using.            

Check out the braid/fluorocarbon options http://www.purefishing.com. All of these products are available at many retail and online outlets. 

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