I’ve used a variety of DIY methods and home made tools to remove used line from my reels. I’ve tried a few “store-boughts” that frankly, don’t work much better than sticking a nail in a power drill. Finally, a line stripper that not-only works but it works better than any I’ve used previously. It’s called the Line Stripper Max from Berkley and it couldn’t be more simple.

Fasten the line stripper to any powerdrill. The axle is inside the tool so it will sit on a shelf or in a drawer comfortably when not in use. There’s a flange at the top to keep the line from flipping off and winding on the chuck of the drill. That happens frequently when using a nail.

Tie the line to the cone-shaped arbor, then manually make a few wraps of line to make the line snug-up and not slip when the drill is turned on. Then trigger the drill and the used line will pile on the line stripper.

Then comes the clever part of the tool. Once the line is removed from the reel (or several reels) just twist the flange on the narrow end of the cone to remove it. Once the flange pops off the line will easily slide off. Replace the flange and “Max” is ready for next time. Dispose of the used line by taking it to a special recycling bin found at over 17-thousand marinas and tackle shops or mail it to Berkley Recyling, 1900 18th Street, Spirit Lake, Iowa, 51360.

The Line Stripper Max is available at retail outlets, online at a Amazon and other sellers or buy one straight from Berkley at:

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