I learned the difference between relatively inexpensive or even cheap sunglasses and high quality sun-shades years ago. Number one, the comfort, stylishness, vision and protection from harmful UV radiation is better in the expensive glasses. Number two, most of the high quality brands are overpriced. Sure they come with lifetime or extremely long warranties and your girlfriend may be impressed, but really, are they worth 10X or even 20X the price of a pair of polarized lenses from Walmart?  You be the judge.

But also remember, whether your sunglasses are sub-twenty or north of two hundred for a pair, none of them are going to be good for all conditions. That’s what attracted me to the Huntington model from Hobie Eyewear. Not only do you get a stylish pair of sunglasses with a catchy logo on the temple arm, the base pair you order comes with a choice of one of the two mirror-lens colors or three of non-mirror colors (each color or mirror selection performs best for different conditions), then you can add additional lenses. Hobie Eyewear’s Huntington model features interchangeable lenses and you can purchase any or all of the colors if you wish.

Whether on the lake, at the dock or driving home different lenses help you see better. Weather conditions change. Bright sun, early morning, partly cloudy or overcast conditions can all occur – sometimes on the same fishing trip.  Fishing conditions change, as well. Sight fishing for bass or looking for submerged structure requires different lenses than trolling in 150 feet of water. 

 I got the grey, non-mirrored lens set to use mostly for driving on the road. I added the unmirrored Sightmaster lenses, perfect for overcast, early or evening fishing as well as giving great performance allowing me to see what’s below the surface when fishing shallow. The set I use most on the open water is the Cobalt Blue Mirror lenses. These give the most protection in the brightest conditions.  Mix or match – buy all the lenses for a full set and you still won’t approach the price of most “designer” shades.  And you do get a lifetime warranty!  They come with a case that has slots inside to hold the spare lenses when they are not on your face. Hobie Eyewear is widely available at online and retail outlets. Check out all their models including prescription and unsinkable versions at www.hobieeyewear.com

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