The “reborn” versions of Quick Silver spoons from Williams, particularly the new colors and kits, are sure to be a hit for salmon anglers in the larger, 4-inch version and for both trout, walleye anglers in the 3-inch models. I call it reborn because it disappeared from the Williams line-up for several years. Quick Silver owners continued to use them but as the supplies dwindled,  increasing consumer demand prompted the company to start producing them again and adding a bevy of new colors and color schemes to the 2023 versions.

One of the selling points for all of Williams spoons is the tradition of plating the blades with real silver or gold and then applying the paint and/or tapes to suit the whims of the fish and fishermen. The one’s I got and tested at the end of the 2022 season were handsome and well made with solid hardware capable, I’m sure, of handling the biggest fish in the lakes. That hasn’t changed since anglers using the original Quick Silvers won the Lake Ontario Chinook Classic in four consecutive years a while back.

The original Quick Silvers were most popular at Lake Ontario, since that’s where most of the retailers who sold Williams spoons were located. Williams is a Canadian company so buying direct from them online is problematic. They do have retailers in the US that handle Quicksilvers and other models of Williams spoons such as the Williams Wablers. Check out WWW.WILLIAMS.CA to see all the Quick Silver color patterns and a list of US sellers which includes Bass Pro/Cabelas, Dicks and others. 

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