Reviewed by:  CAPT. MIKE SCHOONVELD

When people think of glow-in-the-dark spoons, the Moonshine brand pops to mind. Moonshine was one of the first spoon forgers to switch to the extended glow paints on their products. The X-Glow comes with several benefits over the previously available glow paint – see the article in this issue – “Strike Up The Glow.”

When Great Lakes anglers think of spoons with UV finishes they think of… well, there’s no guessing. Almost every spoon maker now includes UV patterns on their color pallet.

When a Great Lake troller – whether that’s a salmon slayer or a walleye warrior –is selecting a spoon to send into the depths and is pondering if a glow-in-the-dark or a UV pattern is going to be the hot pattern for the day, it’s usually a one or the other choice. What if it could be a “both” choice?

Moonshine starts with proven patterns from their GID line-up and then adds a UV coating to the lure. They call these spoons their RV Series. Not only do these spoons flash through the depths with a proven UV attraction, the subdued glow under the coating gives them an extra flash to attract the fish.

The RV Series comes in 4-inch and 5-inchers for the salmon guys and smaller sizes for walleye enthusiasts. I used the RV Walleye spoon in the Agent Orange pattern for early season cohos in March and April. It worked well for the coho and accounted for the first king salmon of the season on my boat.

Moonshines are sold in select retail outlets throughout the Great Lakes area and at many online sources. Check out to see all their products, patterns and places to stock up on them.

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