I’d bet every Great Lakes Angler has at least one stickbait in their tackle box. Many, like me, have tackle boxes specifically devoted to stickbaits. Truthfully, I have more than that. I have one piece sticks, deep diving sticks, jointed sticks, bright colored sticks for salmon, metallic finished sticks for walleyes and plenty of them that will catch anything.

            I could say, “I’ve seen ‘em all – and fished with most every size and brand.” Been there, done there, all I needed was a Tee-Shirt.

            But wait, I now may need a special slot in one of those tackle boxes, or perhaps another whole Stowaway container for this new (to me) stick collection.  It’s the Reno Rocker.

            The Rocker was around for a few years and gained a loyal following in Eastern Lake Erie. That’s where I was first exposed to it, but by the time I got home and checked, they were out of production. Recently, Joe Renosky restarted his fishing lure company – Reno Bait Company and the Reno Rocker is back in production and I’ve started my personal collection of the Rockers.

            Of all the stickbaits I’ve ever used, this is the only one I know of to get it’s swimming action from what I call the “action plate.” Unlike molded diving “bills” which stick out like a duck’s bill on the front of the lure, or a “chin appendage” hanging under the stick to induce the wiggle the Rocker’s action plate is a separate shaped metal plate attached to what would be the line-tie loop on other sticks. The actual line-to-lure connection is a snap installed on the plate. 

            The position of the plate, the metal to metal connections along with holes drilled in the plate produces a sound unlike any other stickbait – and a sound fish apparently find attractive, based on my experience and those of many other “Renosky” fans. The plate is available in either chrome or copper plating.

            The color selection runs strong to more “natural” colors – metallics and subtle, realistic paints. The VM2000 patterns feature translucent exterior with a silver insert inside the lure to give the finish extra depth of color. 

            Check out the Reno Rockers – along with a full line of other more traditional looking stickbaits, crankbaits and other lures at http://www.renobaitcompany.com.

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