Reviewed by: Capt. Mike Schoonveld

The first thing which caught my eye when I saw the Scales long sleeve performance Tee was it had a pocket!  I love pockets on a shirt because I always have stuff along with me which needs at least a temporary spot to be stuffed, at least temporarily, quickly and close at hand. It could be my cell phone, a pair of reading glasses, my wallet, a pair of line clippers, a candy bar….  You get the picture.

So I singled out the Pro Performance Pocket from all the other brands for the breast pocket, but when I looked closer, there were several other selling points. First, they aren’t made from any particular plastic thread, they are made from recycled plastic water bottles. I probably don’t drink a gallon of water annually of bottled water, but from the pallets full I often see at stores, I must be in the minority. Knowing at least some of these bottles, once emptied, are recycled and put to a better use makes me happy.

Better than that, these shirts are stain proof. The coating Scales puts on the plastic thread woven into their performance fabric delivers a durable, long-lasting repellency which is guaranteed against fish blood and other liquid stains for a year.

I often return from a fishing trip looking as though I’d participated in a ritual killing spree, between the blood the fish slop on me when I’m removing the hooks and the fish blood I slop on myself at the filleting station. Throw in a few drips of coffee on my way to the lake, a smear or two of catsup on the way home. I’ll give that guarantee a workout.  So far, after several ritual killings, their guarantee is holding.

In the sun, the Performance Pocket Tee performs as it should. It’s cooler than a short sleeve cotton tee, looks as good on me as any shirt and IT HAS A CONVENIENT BREAST POCKET for my stuff!  Find them online at at as well as retail outlets. 

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