When Rapala invented the Shad Rap in 1982 it became an instant hit with walleye fishermen. Since then, millions of walleyes have started their journey from water to frying pan thanks to those lures. The surprising thing is the color selections available on those original lures was rather plain, by today’s standards.  I could choose between silver-gray, chartreuse yellow, sky blue or dark gold. (I liked chartreuse the best for walleyes.) 

Additional colors showed up over the years – many of them designed strictly for bass or other species.  Last year, the Rapala Shad Rap lure painters introduced a half-dozen new walleye-oriented patterns.  All of them are winners. Especially on the Great Lakes, I expect more and more walleye guys to be reporting their Shad Raps in Jucy Lucy or Pink Squirrel did the job for them.

Other color names are Black Wonderbread, Headspin, Moldy Fruit and Voodoo Haze. I’ve used them enough (successfully) to be able to picture those color patterns just from their name. If you can’t picture Jucy Lucy, go to http://www.rapala.com to check out (or puchase) what she looks like as well as the other new Shad Rap colors that look good to you.  Tip: Don’t think these are only for walleye, I’m sure plenty of bass, trout, salmon and other species will find these paint-jobs good enough to eat. 

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