I love it when a spoon gets scratched and scuffed from fish after toothy fish biting down on it. I hate it when I pull a spoon out of my tacklebox and discover scratches and scuffs caused by banging around inside the storage container where rough handling or a rough boat ride caused the other spoons in the box to do the work supposedly reserved for fish teeth.

  I’ve had a few “good” enough spoon storage boxes over the years – none that were perfect. Most worked by having some sort of hanging system which would hold them in place and let them dangle. That’s a good system until the spoon box tips or one of the spoons drops to the bottom of the box. 

The Flambeau Outdoors Spoon Trunk solves the dangling, jingling and tipping wreck problems.  Start with a not-so-basic open box sized to hold up to 63 spoons – from small, walleye sizes to magnum, trout and salmon models. I call the box not so basic because the plastic is made with Flambeau’s proprietary Zerust Technology that eliminates or lessens corrosion on the hooks, hardware and spoons contained inside. An O-Ring gasket makes the lid completely waterproof and that lid locks down tight with a cam-lock closure system.

Inside there’s a thick, closed cell foam layer on the bottom which has the 63 pre-cut slots to insert the front end of the spoons. Next is a thin plastic overlay that outlines each spoon slot to guide pushing them in place when being stored.

It’s simple and effective. The spoons are individually held apart to keep them from scratching or scuffing and it’s easy to see the pattern you need and pull it out.

Spoon Trunks are widely available in retail shops and at numerous online sources. Check out all of Flambeau’s tackle and gear storage options at www.flambeauoutdoors.com

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